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Patient Testimonials

When I tore my hamstring, I needed the best and quickest way to return to training. My experience with this clinic exceeded my expectations. Therapist was as committed to getting me back to racing as I was.
I started treatment at Bear Physical Therapy & Wellness for my hip pain. They not just found and treated the reason of my hip/knee problems but they changed my life by teaching me how to love and to take care my body.
Take care your body and your body will take care you.
I had pain for years with my lower back after surgery, decided to try hands on therapy with full relief of pain. I am back on the tennis courts hitting tennis ball again.
This Therapist used manual therapy to get me past my pain and on the road to recovery. I am extremely grateful for her dedication to getting me well.
Friendly atmosphere and therapist was always encouraging and attentive to my progress. There is real sense of individual attention. My recovery was success.
I have tried other therapist including Chiropractic, acupuncture, physical and massage, but this therapist made me pain free in few visits.
I am really pleased that I came to this physical therapist. After only 2-3 visits, I felt so much improvements and was able to start taking walks again and have been able to sleep through night.
This is the first time I have gone to Bear PT & Wellness center for post-surgical physical therapy and have received excellent care. I am very grateful for the care I received and would recommend this facility to anyone.
I am willing to pay any price to fix my shoulder. My goals to be professional Powerlifter/Weightlifter can only be accomplished if I am willing to fix issues within my body. Services provided to me was priceless because it can allow me to purse my dreams. I want to thank again to therapist and you are major blessing to the community.
I came in due to suffering from initial stages of frozen shoulder. The therapists came up with a treatment plan which had me back to normal within several weeks. Very happy with the results. In particular my muscle issues responded well to the PT technique. It helped me to avoid any shoulder surgery.